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The Friday: A Sacred Day Laden with Spiritual Significance

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Friday, January 5, 2024

by Ali

The Blessing of Friday

Friday, a blessed and noble day, stands out among the days of the week for its grandeur and significance in the eyes of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“The best day on which the sun has risen is Friday. On this day, Adam was created, his residence in Paradise began, his expulsion from this celestial Eden was orchestrated, and it is also on this privileged day that the dreaded Hour will occur.”

(This hadith was reported by Muslim in his Sahih, number 854)

let’s explore together the profound meaning of this inspiring hadith.

  • The Friday, Eminent Day: The hadith emphasizes the superiority of Friday among the days of the week. It is a blessed day, illuminated by the sun, symbolizing the greatness and magnificence of Allah.


  • The Creation of Adam: Friday holds particular importance as the day when Allah created Adam, the first human being. It underscores the dignity and nobility of human creation, reminding believers of the common origin of all humanity.


  • Adam’s Entry into Paradise: This special day also marks Adam’s admission to Paradise, highlighting Allah’s generosity towards His creatures and reminding believers of the transient nature of life on earth compared to the eternal reward awaiting in Paradise.


  • Adam’s Expulsion from Paradise: The hadith also mentions Adam’s exit from Paradise, shedding light on the concept of responsibility and free will granted to humanity, along with the consequences of our choices.


  • The Day of the Hour (Last): Finally, the hadith emphasizes that Friday is also the day when the Hour will occur, marking the end of times. This reinforces the idea that Friday is a crucial day in the grand scheme of events, urging believers to prepare spiritually and morally for this inevitable moment.


In summary, this hadith inspires believers to reflect on creation, Allah’s grace, human responsibility, and to constantly remember the significance of eternal life. It encourages dedicating Fridays not only to prayer but also to reflection, gratitude, and preparation for the hereafter.

Why does the Prophet (pbuh) consider Friday as the best day among all days of the week?

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) deemed Friday as the best day due to its unique spiritual significance. It is the day when the sun’s light first illuminated creation, symbolizing the manifestation of divine greatness. Additionally, major events in human history, such as the creation of Adam, his admission to Paradise, his expulsion, and even the coming of the Last Hour, are all connected to Friday, conferring exceptional importance to this day.

What spiritual significance should we attribute to Friday considering that it is also the day when the Hour (end of times) will occur?

Friday holds significant spiritual importance as it is associated with the end of times, symbolizing the culmination of human history. This notion reminds us that our stay on earth is limited, and an ultimate reality awaits. Therefore, believers are encouraged to dedicate Fridays not only to prayer but also to deep reflection, gratitude towards Allah, and spiritual preparation for the hereafter. It serves as a constant reminder of our responsibility towards our faith and the necessity to live a life in accordance with divine teachings.

How can we implement the teachings of this hadith in our daily lives, especially on Fridays?

To implement the teachings of this hadith in our daily lives, especially on Fridays, we can begin by dedicating time to prayer and spiritual reflection. It is also recommended to engage in acts of charity and strengthen bonds with family and the community. Understanding the profound meaning of Friday, we should cultivate gratitude towards Allah for His blessings and regularly remind ourselves of the transient nature of this life compared to the vastness of the hereafter. By actively engaging our spiritual consciousness, we can aspire to live a life in line with Islamic values and prepare for the formidable day of the Last Hour.