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Precision Alignment

In the practice of Islam, accurate Qibla direction is essential for proper prayer. Our rug incorporates advanced technology to ensure you are always precisely aligned towards Mecca, no matter where you are in the world.

High-Precision Compass

The rug integrates a sophisticated digital compass. It’s calibrated to accurately identify the Earth’s magnetic field, providing an exact indication of the north and, consequently, the direction of Mecca.

Advanced Calculation Algorithms

Using algorithms, the rug calculates the Qibla direction, taking into account the Earth’s curvature and local magnetic field variations. These algorithms ensure accuracy, even in the most remote locations.

Innovative Directional Display

The display, designed for simplicity and intuitiveness, uses visual elements like LEDs and a digital screen to indicate the precise direction of the Qibla. This display is designed to be clearly visible under various lighting conditions.

Is manual calibration of the rug required for each use?

The rug is equipped with an automatic calibration system. Upon use, it detects the surrounding magnetic environment and adjusts its digital compass accordingly. Therefore, manual calibration of the rug for each use is not necessary.

How does the rug adjust its direction towards the Qibla when moved?

When moved, the rug automatically adjusts its direction towards the Qibla. Thanks to its sophisticated magnetometer sensor, it detects changes in the magnetic environment and realigns the direction of Mecca accordingly, ensuring continuous accuracy regardless of the location.

How does the rug's digital compass accurately detect the direction of Mecca?

The digital compass integrated into the rug uses a magnetometer sensor to detect the Earth’s magnetic field, thus determining the direction. It relies not on GPS but on local magnetic characteristics to precisely indicate the direction of Mecca.

How does the directional display function in low light or bright sunlight?

The rug’s directional display is designed to be clearly visible in all lighting conditions. It uses a high-resolution screen with automatic brightness adjustment, ensuring optimal visibility whether in bright sunlight or low-light conditions.

Can the location algorithms adapt to different geographical and magnetic environments?

Yes, the rug’s location algorithms are designed to adapt to geographical and magnetic variations. They use advanced calibration data to ensure consistent accuracy in different environments, whether in rural or urban settings.