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The Essence of Faith: Sweetness Unveiled in this Profound Hadith

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Thursday, January 4, 2024

by Ali

The Sweetness of Faith

Al Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) reports that the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) explained:

“Those who accept Allah as their Lord, embrace Islam as their way of life, and acknowledge Muhammad as the Messenger chosen by Allah have tasted the sweetness of faith.”

(Reported by Muslim in his Sahih No. 34)

Let’s explore together the meaning of these inspiring hadiths.

The hadith emphasizes the sweetness of faith by establishing three fundamental pillars: accepting Allah as Lord, adopting Islam as a way of life, and recognizing Muhammad as the Messenger. Each of these elements contributes to the authentic flavor of faith, creating a profound spiritual experience for the believer.


  • Accepting Allah as Lord: This first part of the hadith highlights the foundation of faith. Recognizing Allah as the Lord means accepting His absolute sovereignty, creative power, and control over all affairs of the universe. It is a declaration of total obedience and humility towards the Creator.


  • Adopting Islam as a religion: Faith extends beyond mere intellectual acceptance; it involves practical commitment to Islam. This implies following the divine teachings, laws, and ethical principles of Islam in daily life. Islam thus becomes the compass guiding the believer’s actions.


  • Recognizing Muhammad as the Messenger: Authentic faith involves following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, chosen by Allah as a guide for humanity. This goes beyond mere intellectual recognition to include the practical application of prophetic teachings in daily life, shaping the believer’s character.


By bringing together these three elements, the hadith offers a holistic view of faith. It is an invitation to a profound spiritual experience that goes beyond mere belief, encompassing total submission to Allah, the practice of Islamic teachings, and the following of the exemplary model of Prophet Muhammad.

In conclusion, this hadith reminds us that the true flavor of faith lies in understanding and practicing these foundations. It is a call to complete faith, integrating recognition, submission, and prophetic example, so that the believer can fully savor the depth and sweetness of their faith.

Discover how to integrate this hadith into your daily life through a practical case.

Imagine Fatima, a thoughtful believer who decides to put into practice the hadith on the sweetness of faith. She starts by strengthening her relationship with Allah through sincere daily supplications, expressing gratitude, and seeking guidance. This brings her a sense of inner peace and reinforces her confidence in Allah.

To embrace Islam as her religion, Fatima decides to dedicate time to learning and deeply understanding its teachings. She begins to apply these principles in her daily interactions, promoting kindness, generosity, and justice.

By recognizing Muhammad as the Messenger, Fatima engages in studying the life of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). She strives to incorporate his noble qualities into her own life, aiming to be an example of mercy and compassion to others.

As Fatima puts these dimensions of the hadith into practice, she notices a significant change in her life. Her faith becomes a constant source of comfort, helping her navigate challenges with patience. Her relationships with Allah, with Islam as a guide, and with the Prophet become strong pillars shaping every aspect of her existence. The sweetness of her faith becomes a tangible reality, bringing depth and meaning to her daily life.

How does recognizing Allah as Lord contribute to the sweetness of faith?

Recognizing Allah as Lord establishes a fundamental connection between the believer and the Creator. By accepting divine sovereignty, the believer acknowledges the ultimate source of guidance, love, and mercy. This intimate connection with Allah adds a profound dimension to faith, creating a sweetness emanating from trust in divine wisdom and constant reliance on His guidance.

How does the hadith encourage moving from mere intellectual belief to practical faith?

The hadith emphasizes the need to accept not only intellectually but also practically Allah as Lord, Islam as a way of life, and Muhammad as the Messenger. It underscores that the true sweetness of faith is felt only when these beliefs are internalized and practiced in all aspects of life. Thus, the hadith encourages transcending simple intellectual understanding to live faith in a concrete and engaged manner.

How does accepting Allah as Lord impact the daily life of a believer?

Accepting Allah as Lord profoundly influences the daily life of a believer. It shapes their choices, actions, and attitudes as they recognize Allah’s constant presence in their life. It creates a source of comfort, patience, and hope in challenging moments. Moreover, this acceptance instills a moral responsibility towards the Creator, prompting the believer to live in accordance with Islamic values and principles, thereby enhancing the sweetness of their faith.

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