Hi my name is Troy Young, I'm in 11th grade and live in a small neighborhood named Pennsylvania. I converted to Islam in 10th grade, but my story is very unusual. Coming from a strong Christian family and me being so into my religion, who would ever think it would've been me to be Muslim. In my 10th grade history class we been studing Islam, but nobody in the class found it interested, so one day we had a substitute and we all had to watch a movie on Islam, usually my friend Corey is in class and we just talk and never payed attention but this day he was absent so i had no choice but to watch the movie. As i looked around i noticed i was the only one watching the movie. I got into the movie and noticed Islam wasn't like everybody said it was. They prayed five times a day, they have to be clean before every prayer and the beautiful sound of the azan caught my attention then BAM! thats when it hit me I knew from this point I was going to become Muslim. After school that day I went home and did some studying on Islam and found out Islam is the religion for me. A week later I took my shahada and attended jummah that same Friday. Al Hamdulilah