When I converted to Islam I was scared. I felt that there was so many things to do and learn and it would be an impossible task. My friend bought me the Quran and the Abpa gave me some books to read. That night I was too afraid even to touch any of the books to read more about Islam.

I never really followed any religion before. My family are Hindu's. So taking this path was a different experience.

I converted mostly as I am to be married to a Muslim man and therefore had to convert. Initially I thought I had to do this for the sake of the continuance of my relationship. However I then decided that I chose this path and I must give it my all. It is a decision I made and I should be dedicated to it.

I started reading the Quran every night and made sure that before Ramazaan was over I had to complete the entire Quran and this I accomplished. It was reading the Quran that taught me so many things. It taught me courage, to be a better person, to be honest and trustworthy and mostly it taught me to believe. It gave me an inner peace which till today I still feel.

When the fasting month arrived I was scared that I would never make it through the day without eating. But is was so easy I managed each day with no problems and it was my belief in Allah to provide me the strength that helped me. I even caught up the fast that missed with no hesitation.

I also started reading many books on Islam and read the 99 beautiful names of Allah daily.

I have recently learned to do the salaat. Although I am still learning and reading from the book I feel that I am doing well and will eventually will get there.

Last year I was diagnosed with an incurable disease called Lupus and since I converted I have more strength, the illness has not affected me as it normally does to other sufferers and I lead a normal life. I trust in Allah knowing that He will guide me and assist me through my problems.

I know now that I did not convert purely to get married but I have made Islam my way of life and will never go back to the person I was.

Many thanks