It was in 1993 that I was first exposed to Islam. I watched a movie called "Malcom X" by Spike Lee that totally opened a whole new door in my ind to a whole new perception of reality. It was during this time that I was attending a Job Training course called Job Corp. My room mates were brothers from the Nation of Islam. They gave me books to read like Autobiography of Malcom X, Message to the BLack Man, and The Isis Papers. I soaked up all this information. But yet I had not the intention to convert I only wanted to learn. I was later transferred to a mental hospital because of mental problems. It was there I met a man named Redzuan he was a practicing Sunni Muslim. He taught me Wudhoo and Salat and I practised Salat for a time, though I had yet to take Shahadah. I didnt take shahadah until Aug. 6 2001, I went far astray after having had been selected and guided to Islam, but I have decided to finally embrace Islam and use all the knowledge I have aquired concerning this deen and apply it to practicing my religion. For all those considering converting, it is a big step, it took me 8 years to finally stop testing the waters and decide to take the full dive. I+You just have to take a deep breath and take a leap of faith. The more you learn about Islam the more the truth of Islam will be reconfirmed for you. As Salaamu Alaikum(May Peace Be Unto You)