I am from little East Europe country - Lithuania, where Christianity is the dominating religion, where baby with firs his days in this life become Christian.

I Ďve never been an atheist but I never call myself good Christian. It was the time when I was going to the church every Sunday  not just for praying but  to help to the priest beside praying , to sing in the churchís chorus. I had God in my heart even when I was asking my parents why they christened me without asking me  if I would like to be a Christian or not.

All my life as I remember I couldnít be good Christian and I couldnít understand the  meaning of this religion, but I was looking for it. I was reading a lot of books about Christianity I was asking a lot of priestís help, but still I could say that I feel and I believe ďsomebodyísĒ being over me but I can not call myself Christian.

Life without greatest God guiding is hard, scared and blind  wherever i am going. I was looking for God all the time and I felt that he is  so close to me. I was feeling Godís help all the time, I felt like he is talking to me, I saw how he is taking care of me and letting  me find the way of life that he already chose to me. Iím trying to understand a lot of signs that he is sending to me like words.

I am second child in  my family but to my mother  her delivery pain  was much harder than her first baby. I was a very lucky baby to survive that delivery, I  believe God have saved my life. After two really serious accidents  people said that nobody can survive after that, I started to appreciate my life as nobody in this world. I felt how fragile is human life and just God knows how long  I will live..

God let me trust him every minute of my life and enjoy my life even when Iím sick or feeling bad. I know that God is giving us everything with hope that we will appreciate it, that we will understand that he is doing it just for us.

I had car accident right on my graduation exams and I should stay in a bed not less than  six weeks. I could move just my head and arms but with Godís help I get done with my school and enter  university even lying like that. Even my doctor couldnít believe that I did that. Usual people are just screaming with pain or asking for a pill to make them sleep. It canít be just luck, itís miracle of God for sure. After this I became more faithful but ďsomebodyĒ still kept me away from church. I guess I can understand what it was just now..for me church wasnít the way to God ..

True understanding about God, that I was looking for it so long time, my way to real happiness, to calmness of my soul I found just because my husband. How we met each other how we felt in love was one of Godís miracles too. In the beginning of our relationship we never talk about religion and we never had problems with it. One day when I was really happy  just of because I met such a good person, my boyfriend (in that time we still werenít married) told me that he wish to give me the best what he have in his life Ė faith. God put the right words in his lips and I was really interested to hear  his words  about Holy Qurían, about miracles written in it, what  is the meaning of every move of his body  when he was praying. It was just  one conversation about that topic, but it was enough to make me read all books about  that I was able to get. With every book, with every page I started to understand  what I missing in my life,  what I was looking for, asking priests. Books were talking to me or God was talking to me through books. I found answers to a lot of questions, I found calmness of my soul while everybody else is still searching for that calmness.

I became Muslim just few months ago and itís amazing to feel  that miracle of  getting reborn. God love me so much that he let me get born again when I am already 21 years old, when I am enough smart to appreciate  his amazing gift. Now I  am a  Muslim. Nobody will believe how different it is to be Muslim.

God made me see the sun in a different way than I used to see it when I was Christian. This sun has a different meaning. Now I know that this sunshine that God is  sending to us everyday is his way to show us how much he care about us, how much he love us. Just because  of his love we  do not feel cold, we can see the  world in many colors. God made night to show us how amazing is light. He made us trust him that after cold and dark night God will bring  nice and fresh morning. In this way God is  trying to talk to us. He gave us eyes to see his words in every miracle.

Iím so glad and thankful for this Godís gift to see this world, to appreciate my life. He gave me this new and fresh light in my life, now I can see his words to me in a different way. Everything I do everywhere I go God is  saying welcome to me, in miracles that he is doing to me I see that Iím in the right way, that he is with me.

World didnít change in one day, it didnít change even in 21 years all what has changed just is  quality of my life when true understanding of Godís came in to my heartÖ.

I wish world can change too..Now people are angry and tired of looking for calmness for success for a better life, they are tired of hating each other of being jealous, nations trying to survive to fight each other, countries trying to live in pace but can not stay without war. Each day world are going deeper and deeper down..One way to stop it Ė to make Islam as way of life. With God in everybodyís heart we will find and enjoy our life that we are just dreaming about, we will build not scaring future for our children, we will be not scare to met each other..